commentary :: residential

Homeowners and contractors have offered these comments about Elbert Associates:

“I was very pleased with the design when the plans were finished; yet I like it even more now that I have lived in it. Stephen’s design opened my house to the best garden views and brought in much needed openness and light, in a very graceful and stylish way. The entire project has given me much pleasure, and turned my dull “rancher” into a home.”

Kate Bekins     Moraga, CA

“And, thank you, Stephen, for your beautiful and clever design work on the house!  You made use of everything possible, got us so much light and even brought some charm to the box.”

G. Daniel Bowling      Sausalito, CA

“I am impressed with his attentiveness to homeowner’s interests and his creative solution to the various design issues that are always a part of a good remodeling project.  Stephen is an excellent person to work with throughout the length of the project.  He is approachable and a good communicator.”

Karam Khalsa      Springwood Builders, Lafayette, CA

“His artistic and creative ideas were invaluable and he guided us expertly through all steps from planning to permits, engineering, contracting and final inspection.”

Karen Maas      Moraga, CA

“Stephen made the design function well;  He has a great eye and artistic sense as well as attention to detail.  He was able to sketch design ideas for us and refine the sketches based on our comments.  And he helped us select tile, fixtures, paint and other essential elements, locate suppliers, and coordinate to make everything come together.  We love the results!”

Mike Forter      San Francisco, CA

“As this was our first time building, he was wonderful in educating us and showing us our options.  He listened to our ideas, and translated them into reality.  His work is impeccable, precise, and creative.  He walked us through every step of the process, as was always available to us.”

Melissa Bonder Rose      Alamo, CA